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Sunday, August 26, 2018

Dragons Galore!

I am pleased to announce my Dragon World books are now available in online bookshops.

The three original ones, Dragon Flames, Dragon Clans and Dragon Ice follow Talei and her family through their meeting and interaction with the dragons. Adri's Journey reveals Adri's story. These books are available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and various other online outlets.

At a special price Dragon Flames, Dragon Clans and Dragon Ice are available in a box set under the name of Dragon World.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Here We G0

I now have the rights back for all my books previously published and I've started with the re-releases of three contemporary romances an one historical romance. These books are available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iBooks and many other sites online. Paperback books will be released next moth.

 Blitz is a 20th Century Historical Romance.

Twenty-four-year-old Velma longs to be treated as an adult, but her older sisters insist they know what is best for her future.
Tall, dark, and handsome, Jack is a soldier distantly connected to Velma's family. He sweeps Velma off her feet and asks her to marry him.
War looms on the horizon and Jack must go to face the enemy. Their love now has to survive the family and the war - or will their parting be forever?

Recipe for Romance is a contemporary romance set in New Zealand.

Influenza leaves Kirsty alone in the hotel kitchen to prepare all the food for the day's menus. Her day goes from bad to worse when the new hotel manager appears and demands to know what's going on.

Reeve arrives in the kitchen and looks in disgust at the untidy state of the work surfaces. Things get off to a bad start but when he discovers the reason for the untidiness he strips off his jacket and lends a hand.

Despite their truce, Reeve must discover the cause of the hotel's loss of profits. He feels an attraction for Kirsty but work must come first.

Three Hearts is a contemporary romance set in New Zealand

Darcy refuses to believe Travis is telling the truth when he claims he's Brooke's father, but doubts enter her mind when he proves he married her sister. Would Travis kidnap her beloved niece and disappear with her to America?

Travis is suspicious of Darcy's occupation and believes she is not acting in his daughter's best interest. It can't be that difficult for a father to get custody of his daughter - can it?

Broken Heart is a short prequel to Three Hearts, set in New Zealand

Darcy's older sister has returned home from America. Kelly seems happy and carefree but Darcy is positive her sister is hiding a secret and this is making her unhappy.


Friday, July 20, 2018

Not Long Now!

I'm ready to start re-releasing my books, just waiting for the official reversal of rights letters. Half of the covers are redone and tidying up the writing of the current WIP. It's a lot of work but my thoughts go out to Gail and Jenifer. Their workload must be astronomical. Thanks to Gail and Jenifer for their hard work and to the readers for being so patient. First three covers below.

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Building a World

Fantasy authors build their own worlds and people them with humans and other unusual species and aspects to make the world unique. What readers and some authors don't realize is all stories partake in world building.
A romance writer for instance has the heroine and hero and around them is their world. A contemporary world peopled with friends and adversaries, but how they react and the influences of their world help to build not only who they are, but how their surroundings look to the reader. The author must build the scene they want to get the reactions of their characters and thus the story to play out in the way they anticipate.
Many authors will not agree they have to build a world, especially those who write in the pantser style (this means not plotting, just sit down and write with only a general idea of where the story is going). This means the story evolves as you go along rather than planning everything out before you start writing. I am a pantser writer and I find I do very little basic world building before I start and the rest evolves as I write. As I edit the drafts (usually up to three times before sending it to the publisher) the world pulls tighter together, including the influence of the characters on the scenes and people around them.
Without my characters there would be no world as they are the center of the story and the hub everything revolves around. From them comes the description and structure of the world and time they live in. Their supporting characters paint the backdrop. The description is not put down as "The land was green" etc. the image comes from the interaction of the characters with their surroundings and peers.
Bear in mind every book is like a play on a stage, created not only by the author, but also by the characters, supporting characters and their actions. Together they influence the story to bring the full essence of it to fruition. The stage is the world, the play brings the story to life.
Of course fantasy writers have more leeway, but sometimes this can be more challenging. When the imagination takes full reign, it has to be pulled in by reality. Everything has to merge together in a way the reader can understand and empathize with, plus they must fit into the world the author has created. Good luck with your building and I hope to see your world appear on my bookshelf sometime soon.