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Monday, November 28, 2016

FREE Book - Phelice

On 1st December my free fantasy book Phelice will be released by Desert Breese Publishing.  This is the prequel to Zaeyen, book 4 of the Cloud Kingdoms series. You can find this book at…/

Cloud Kingdoms books are fantasy romances set in an alternate world. The castles of the nobles float in the air. Phelice and her new husband Jariss have an arranged marriage. Now they must learn how to make their union a success and also solve the problems of the spirit creatures who live downside on the planet.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Facebook (visit The Books Machine Fan page to find a post about my book):

The Books Machine Daily Deals page:

Both these links will take you to The Books Machine which has a link to the free version of Caishel: Cloud Kingdoms Book One.

Happy reading.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

New Series

I'm writing a new series. It's a magical mystery for young adults/ adults with the main character a young lady named Ash. Not sure when it will be released but will keep you all up to date with the progress.

Meanwhile, here are the books I'm reading at the moment - mainly fantasy.

Harry Potter and The Cursed Child (script by J.K. Rowling, John Tiffany, and Jack Thorne. 

Temeraire Series by Naomi Novik

Book 7 Crucible of Gold
Book 8 Blood of Tyrants
Book 9 League of Dragons 

The Scoundrel's Trespass (Men of the Marque Book 2) by Sandra Sookoo (Romance)

There are several others on my "to read" list and I'm still half way through Waiting for Elizabeth by Joan Rosier-Jones. We moved four times last year and due to this the book was packed away and I've only just got back to it.

Monday, July 11, 2016


Caishel, the first book of the Cloud Kingdoms series is now free on the following ebook sites:

Kobo  -  

Barnes & Noble  -   

Also in the series:

The free book Mehrnaz is a prequel to Elisette. 

Happy Reading