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Thursday, March 20, 2008


Hi, I'm Sue Perkins and I'm new to blogging, but I've been assured it's great fun. For more information about me see "About Me" which gives a brief outline of my interests and hobbies.

I'm an author and my first novel, a romance, “Three Hearts” was released by Whiskey Creek Press in May 2007. Whiskey Creek have also accepted the first two of her “Sky Castles” fantasy trilogy “Blue & Silver” now available, and “Russet & Gold” due for release in August 2008. The third book of the trilogy "Ebony & Ivory" is still a work in progress.

Another contemporary romance “Recipe for Love” will be released in May 2008 and “Whiskey Shots Volume 16” a volume of two short romance stories was released in March 2008.

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Linda Mooney said...

Welcome to BlogLand, Sue! And congrats on the great sales of Blue and Silver over at FictionWise! :D


Sue Perkins said...

Thanks Linda. I'm really pleased with the way Blue & Silver is going.

Shelley said...

Hi Sue. Good luck with the blogging. Great to have your books in print now. Looking forward to Skycastles 2 & 3.
Love Shelley

Sue Perkins said...

Thanks Shelley, welcome to my blog