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Friday, May 22, 2009


My Sky Castles books have recently received some great reviews from Long and Short Romance Reviews and Enchanting Reviews. I'd like to thank Snapdragon and Aubrie respectively for taking the time to read the books and write the reviews. The reviews can be found here.

Long and Short Romance Reviews - Blue and Silver Review
*...The story does rely on the earlier book to some degree to establish place. The wonderful and rich descriptions are somewhat abbreviated. However, the characters are as well developed, events as surprising, and motivation and actions clearly presented.Fantasy fans will enjoy Perkin’s ‘Sky Castle’ books, without doubt. ...*

Enchanting Reviews
Blue and Silver Review
*...BLUE AND SILVER is a thoroughly enjoyable read. If you like fantastical ideas combined with romance, intrigue, and suspense, then you will revel in Ms. Perkin’s world...*

Russet and Gold Review
*...For fans of BLUE AND SILVER, the sequel, RUSSET AND GOLD does not disappoint. Not only does it take the reader through a whirlwind of emotions, but it begins where the first book leaves off, shining light on a particular secondary character in the first book that the readers grew to love...*

Thanks once again for the reviews.



Aubrie said...

I absolutely loved reading them!

It was everything I wanted in a fantasy book and more.

Sue Perkins said...

Thank you Aubrie, it's nice to get such lovely feedback on my work.