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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New Contract

I'm delighted to announce that Desert Breeze Publishing has offered me a contract for my romance novel Three Hearts. It's scheduled for release in October 2009.
There are days when everything seems to go right.


Aubrie said...

Congrats Sue!

What is the book about?

Sue Perkins said...

It's a sweet romance concerning a custody battle over an 8 year old child. The problem arises because the heroine lives in New Zealand while the hero lives in California.

Aubrie said...

So it's a contemporary novel and not fantasy? That's great that you can branch out. I've been writing fantasy, and I've tried a few urban fantasy short stoires, but it's hard for me to write anything other than fantasy!

Sue Perkins said...

My fantasy novels usually have romance in them, but this one is pure sweet romance.