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Monday, September 28, 2009

Interview with Romantic Hero

Travis Denton's Interview with a Private Investigator
(Travis is the hero of "Three Hearts")

PI: Mr. Denton, could you briefly outline the investigations you wish me to make.

Travis: I want you to find my wife.

PI: Your wife?

Travis: Yes. Her name before we married was Kelly Farrell. She is a New Zealand citizen.

PI: Forgive me for saying so Mr Denton, but surely you know where your own wife is.

Travis: Perhaps I should start at the beginning. We met about nine years ago at a party a friend took me to. Kelly was different from the other girls. We started dating and thought we were madly in love, so we got married.

PI: Thought you were madly in love?

Travis: Yes, thought. You know how it is when you're young. You fall in love very easily.

PI: Presumably at some time you realised you'd fallen out love.

Travis: We were fine at first, but as the months passed we started to get on one another's nerves. Arguments over nothing really. Eventually Kelly said she'd had enough and packed her bags and left.

PI: Didn't you go after her?

Travis: No. She'd made it plain she was going to file for divorce. Some friend of ours put her up and let me know she was okay. They also told me when she returned to New Zealand.

PI: Have you heard from her since?

Travis: No. She couldn't have started divorce proceedings or I would have received the paperwork. It didn't bother me. I concentrated on building up my business and had no intention of marrying again.

PI: And has this changed?

Travis: Yes it has. I've met a lady I would like to make my wife. I can't propose and then ask her to wait until I get a divorce. I need to find Kelly first and see if she is willing to finally finish our marriage.

PI: Thank you Mr Denton. Now if you could just give me any details you know about your wife.

Travis: Certainly. Her maiden name was Kelly Farrell. She was born in Timaru, New Zealand. Here's a copy of our marriage certificate. As far as I know the only relatives she had were her mother and her sister. Both of them live in Timaru. I'm afraid that's all I know of her background.

PI: I think that's enough to get started. I'll get back to you as soon as I have anything to report.

Travis: I'd just like to stress that I need this sorted as soon as possible.

PI: Of course. Leave it with me Mr. Denton.

Travis: Thank you.

End of Interview

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Diane Craver said...

I hope Travis finds his wife so he can marry his true love! :)

I enjoyed reading the interview very much!

Sue Perkins said...

Thanks Diane, you'll have to read the book to find out what happens. All is not as it seems!!!