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Monday, December 28, 2009

Ebony & Ivory: Sky Castles 3

Due to Christmas, Ebony and Ivory didn't get the full exposure on my blog so I'm repeating the announcement.  Ebony and Ivory is the third book in the Sky Castles Trilogy.  It stands alone, but also links with the other two books of the Trilogy.
Ebony & Ivory is available from Whiskey Creek Press

I quite enjoyed this book. Overall, a very relaxing read of what seems to be a pure fantasy genre. While nothing stands out as WOW, I would read more of this world and from this author. This is the third in a series but very readable as a standalone. However, I possibly would have been more pulled into the story if I’d read the first two. This book is very enjoyable but not stunning because a lot of the storyline was predictable.

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