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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Outside writing

It's such a lovely day I decided to write outside today. Want to share my beautiful views with you all. This is my back garden (yard) down to the trees. The birds are singing the sun is shining. Such a gorgeous place to write.


Toni Noel said...

You do have a lovely setting, but with so many published books under your belt I'm afraid you don't get to enjoy too often.

My desk in San Diego is quite similar, but I have to duck from hummingbirds when I sit out there.

Toni Noel

Sue Perkins said...

ThankToni, lovely scenery and birdlife can be distracting can't it? After a good day writing it's nice to have a glass of wine while enjoying the scenery.

StephB said...

Sue, what a view! It's a gorgeous place to write. Thanks so much for sharing. I have no doubt you find a lot of inspiration there.


Sue Perkins said...

Hi Steph, not so much inspiration more like daydream time. Certainly makes for a lovely lifestyle. Now if I could only give up work.