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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dragon Savior

My first Young Adult book Dragon Savior has been released by XoXo Publishing. For the time being XoXo are selling their Young Adult books at 9 Clouds Ebook Marketing & Promotions.


Eighteen year old Talei is responsible for taking the survivors to safety after fire breathing dragons destroy their homes. Talei discovers she is able to link minds with the dragons. The dragons explain goblins are holding their females hostage to force them to attack the humans. Talei and her friend Adri lead a group of teenagers cross the ocean to free the dragons. Failure means both dragons and humans will be destroyed.

The beast turned. Without appearing to aim, it launched a stream of fire at Darth. He didn’t even have time to yell as his body burst into flames. When the blaze subsided, only a blackened husk remained. Talei watched in horror as the residue of her childhood friend fell lifelessly to the ground.
The dragon hovered over its kill. Talei screamed in terror and the huge, triangular head turned in her direction. She froze as the maw opened, her eyes staring helplessly into the dragon’s brilliant green, cat-like eyes. She waited for the searing heat to destroy her as it had Darth. Somewhere in the back of her mind, her brain chanted a litany “Please don’t kill me. Please don’t kill me.”

Dragon Savior is a fantasy novel set on a world recently colonised by humans. Some years pass before a disastrous event makes the humans realise they are not alone. The level is sweet and the book is suitable for sixteen years and older. 

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