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Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Royal Visit by the heroine of Victorian Scoundrel

I'd like to welcome Her Royal Highness, Princess Alice of York to my blog. Thank you so much for agreeing to appear, Your Highness. Do you mind if I ask a few questions about your adventures when you traveled to the past.

ALICE: It's wonderful to visit you today, Sue. My father took me to New Zealand two years ago and I just fell in love with the countryside. I'd be delighted to answer your questions.

SUE: Did you ever think of allowing your cousin Edmund to go to the past without you?

ALICE: Oh, that sly fox went a couple of times before I discovered what he was up to. It's a good thing I found him when I did. He'd been up to a ton a mischief.

SUE: When you first arrived in 1851 did you believe that you'd traveled in time?

ALICE: Well, I was a bit shocked, but I totally believed it. I took one look at the ladies and saw they were wearing dresses down to their ankles and crinolines! And don't get me started on the corsets and capes. Horrid. It just amazes me that was fashionable in Queen Victoria's age.

SUE: What were your first impressions of your ancestors?

ALICE: I was in awe. And I don't feel that way often. Queen Victoria set England on a wonderful path of innovation and modernization. (despite those horrid dresses) I'm proud to be her granddaughter. Many times removed, mind you.

SUE: And the Great Exhibition – did you like it? The Crystal Palace is said to be a marvelous creation.

ALICE: My mouth must have dropped to the ground for two minutes while I gawked at the palace. It was majestic. Stately. It embodied British know-how and ingenuity. Then I remembered I was a Princess and closed my mouth. Thank goodness, Grayson didn't seem to mind. I hardly ever gawk.

SUE: Did you ever think you'd return to 2011?

ALICE: Oh, I certainly did. If Edmund is anything, he's very resourceful. I knew he'd find my missing locket.

SUE: You're a member of the royal family. Was it difficult to behave as a normal person?

ALICE: Oh, yes. My parents loved to travel. It was part of their "job" you see, good-will ambassadors and all. I always had tutors and then there was finishing school. My mother passed away when I was fourteen. The whole world mourned her death. And dating? That's another story. Men only want to date because I'm a princess and think I can do "something" for them. I'm always in the spotlight. That's what I enjoyed being in 1851 – I wasn't in the spotlight. I was just plain "Alice Windsor" and it was fun, mind you a slipped a few times and mentioned I was a princess but no one believed me.

SUE: What was your reaction when you found out what Prince Edmund was doing?

ALICE: That I had to clean up another one of his messes. I love Ed dearly, but he is always making a mess. And I'm the one to clean it up.

SUE: I understand you formed an attachment for Grayson Kentfield, Earl Swinton. Did the fact that you'd travelled from the future affect your feelings?

ALICE: It most certainly did. I really did try to fight the attraction, but Grayson, bless him, was interested in me. Not the fact I was a princess who could do "something" for him. I never had a man interested in the person I was before.

SUE: How did present day life compare with life in 1851? Was there any major difference?

ALICE: Well, our air in 2011 is much cleaner. We use compressed natural gas to power our society. In 1851 it's all coal. The stench is so bad that certain parts of London smell like rotten tomatoes.

SUE: Without giving away what eventually happened, are you happy with the outcome?

ALICE: Oh, I'm a sucker for Happily Ever After. I truly am, but with Edmund, there's always a mess to clean up. Well, actually, I think it's my mess we're cleaning up this time…

SUE: Thank you for being here today, Your Royal Highness.

ALICE: It was a pleasure, Sue.

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BLURB: It's 2011 and compressed natural gas has taken over from the coal producing steam machines of the Victorian Age. Alice Windsor, Princess of York, follows her mischief-making cousin, Prince Edmund of Wales back to the past and 1851 where Prince Albert is hosting Britain's Great Exhibition.

Alice soon discovers Edmund has struck up a friendship with their great-grandfather, Prince Albert, and his mischief making entails leaving a dinosaur-sized footprint in history. She also meets Grayson Kentfield, Earl Swinton, and the Prime Minister, Sir John Russell. The Prime Minster finds her odd, to say the least.

It's only when Alice falls for the handsome Earl Swinton does she realize the dangers of time travel. How can she give her heart to a man from the past while striving to stop Edmund from changing time with his forward thinking ideas?


Grayson looked at Alice. Her breath hitched. Damn that dimple when it peeked out. What she wouldn't do to kiss it, his face, him. Grayson nodded his head, gave instructions to his driver, and the carriage ambled away.

Edmund crossed his arms and glared at her. "What have you done, Cousin?"

"What did you give Prince Albert?"

"None of your business."

"It is if your handprint is going to reverberate in 2011."

Edmund raked a hand through his thick strawberry blond hair like he usually did when he got flustered. "Oh, I've done nothing the British aren't going to figure out for themselves, trust me."

Alice put her hands on her hips. "'Fess up, Cousin."

"I wasn't the only one leaving handprints. Earl Swinton appeared very interested in you, glasses and all."

Alice frowned. She knew her glasses made her look mousy, but she needed to wear them. Despite that, Grayson had shown an interest in her, and she liked it. She just wasn't prepared to betray that to Edmund. "Well, he--"

"And how did you meet him? I thought I told you to stay at the arch?"

"I marched off to the palace to find you, of course," she replied. "You honestly didn't expect me to wait for you, did you?"

"I should have known you wouldn't have stayed put."

"Besides, I knew you were up to no good. I had to find out what."

"I much prefer you use the word 'mischief.'"

"Oh, Edmund."

"Well, I wasn't the only one stirring the pot, Mouse." His eyes fell to her neck. "Where's your necklace?"

She hated it when he called her 'Mouse.' "The prime minister has it, Rat."

Edmund narrowed his eyes, disapproval dancing in them. "What happened?"

"Instead of finding you, I found the prime minister and Earl Swinton. The prime minister is Sir John Russell, in case you didn't know. He thought my necklace was interesting and wanted to have a datamancer look at it."

"Oh, Bloody George! You need that necklace to go back home."

Alice bit the inside of her lip. She suspected as much.

Edmund pinched the bridge of his nose and drew in a breath.

"What are you thinking?"

He looked up at Alice. "Well, I can't leave you here."

"Don't you even think of giving me your necklace either. I'm not leaving you back here to do more damage than you've already done."

Edmund sighed. He looked past her shoulder at the arch, deep in thought. Alice wasn't sure if she should yell at him or hug him for not leaving her. Finally, he looked back at her. "We have to get your necklace back, Mouse."

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Melissa Jarvis said...

Very cute interview!!! I write time travel as well, although I went a bit further back. :) Guess we can't resist the past, huh?
You picked a wonderful time to travel to also; it was the beginning of the world as we know it. Love the Victorian age.

StephB said...

Melissa, I love time travel, too. The past is so intriguing. The Victorian age was a great time to visit!