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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Today's Guest is C.K. Volnek

Welcome CK, thank you for visiting my blog.

This or That?

Hi, I’m C.K. Volnek, author of tween novel Ghost Dog of Roanoke Island, available September 23, 2011 through MuseItUp Publishing. This interview really has nothing to do with my book, but it was fun to answer these unusual questions and help you get to know who I am. Though as you get to know me, I hope you’ll choose to find out more about my book as well.

(Also…I’m giving away a FREE e-copy of Ghost Dog of Roanoke Island to one lucky reader who leaves a comment for me. Good luck!)

Cookies or cake? Cookies! Nothing compares to a warm chocolate chip or snicker doodle cookie straight from the oven. Mmm.

Jelly or jam? Either. But make it home-made. Store bought is okay, but you can taste and feel the love when a friend gives you a jar of home-made preserves.

Bright colors or darker colors?  Give me the bright colors any day. I agree dark colors can add mood when decorating, but I prefer the punch of power and beauty of the bright colors of nature. Bright colors make me smile and dark colors tend to make me moodier. Even my hubby prefers me to be around bright colors, if you know what I mean. Ha.

Travel by train or travel by bus?  Unless I have my own tour bus, the answer would have to be train. There is a mystique and pleasurable atmosphere on a train. Maybe it’s because I’ve watched too many Harry Potter movies and envisioned myself sharing a cabin with my favorite characters on my way to Hogwarts. But I do love the constant clickity-clack of a steaming train.

Art museum or science museum?  Some may find my answer rather humorous since I love art. But my love for art is more to the formal side, realistic. I do not understand nor care for most abstract, though I know people who pay a lot of money for it. With that said, I’d much rather go to a good science museum. It’s intriguing to see and learn about the world around me.

Socks or bare feet?  Bare feet. My son teases me and tells me I have ‘slave’ feet. He thinks I can walk on anything. I did walk on coals once. Amazing and true; without burning my toes. I can’t wait to come home and kick off my shoes. Though as soon as the weather turns cold, the socks do stay on to keep the tootsies warm.

Go for a walk or go for a run? Walk. Never was a runner. Always asked my kids as they were gasping for breath after a cross country run, why they did it. They said it was fun. Fun? Then why did they wear such pained expressions on their faces? Give me a walk, where I can view and enjoy the scenery I am passing. Plus, my walking buddies, three little Papillons, could never survive a run.

Dresses or pants?  Both. Love a good pair of comfortable jeans, but also am most comfortable in an ankle length, flowing skirt.

Dance or sing? Absolutely both. I enjoy singing with a trio in three-part harmony. I’m the one singing in the rafters. But it’s incredibly fun to find the parts and hear them blend. But dancing is a big part of me as well. My husband and I shared many years of dancing competitively and actually took many awards. I do miss it, though I know my body could not move the way it did back then. Sigh…time does march on.

Celebrate with a small group or celebrate with a large group?  I’m more the kind to be with a small group. I want to talk to everyone when I celebrate with them and it’s hard when the group gets too large.

Now that you know me a little better, I hope you’ll take a peek at my Tween novel, Ghost Dog of Roanoke Island.

Ghost Dog of Roanoke Island

In 1587, 117 colonists disappeared from Roanoke Island without a trace, leaving behind not only unanswered questions, but a terrifying evil. 

Now it’s up to twelve year-old Jack Dahlgren to unravel the age-old mystery and save his family from the hateful beast that haunts the island. 

With the help of newfound friend, Manny, a Native American shaman, and an elusive Giant Mastiff, Jack must piece together the clues of the Lost Colony to discover what really happened. Shrouded in ancient Native American folklore, it's up to Jack to uncover what the evil is and why it haunts his island. But can he destroy it...before it destroys him?

Ghost Dog of Roanoke Island by C.K. Volnek. Available September 23, 2011 by MuseItUp Publishing

You can find out more about me and my books at my website,
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(Remember…I’m giving away a FREE e-copy of Ghost Dog of Roanoke Island to one lucky reader who leaves a comment for me. Good luck!

Thanks for stopping by!
C.K. Volnek


Jack laid the bike and his backpack on the edge of the road and sneaked through the trees. Mr. Kenney’s dilapidated cabin hid in the shadows. A breeze swirled around his head, and the faint smell of the sea filled his nose. His hands and cheeks stung from the briskness, and his face tingled.
Rubbing at the goose bumps popping up on his arms, Jack limped closer and closer, sliding from tree to tree, trying to remain hidden within the ominous shadows. Peering around a trunk of an Elm tree, he spotted the open door of the cabin. Mere yards away, the foul stench of rotten garbage filtered out. He scrunched his nose, holding his breath. A dim light showed in the dirty kitchen, displaying a toppled table and broken chairs. Shattered dishes lay strewn on the floor, pieces scattered as far as the porch. A smear covered the inside wall next to the door. Jack gasped as the dangling light bulb swayed. It illuminated the wall, revealing a red handprint.
A pair of car lights pierced the darkness, and the motor grumbled as someone turned from Jack’s driveway onto the highway. The loud vehicle jerked back and forth. Was the driver drunk? Was he looking for something?
The motor revved. It wasn’t the sheriff. Who would be up at their place at this time of night? What would they want up there?
The old pick-up slowed as it neared Mr. Kenney’s house, pulling over on the side of the road close to the bicycle. Leaving the motor rumbling, its driver opened the door and got out. Jack peered at the blotchy vehicle, its paint faded and peeling. He couldn’t make out the, green, maybe black?
A tall man walked into the shadows, the darkness encircling him. Jack slipped to the other side of the tree, his hands shaking as he watched the stranger march closer and closer. Mushy grass squished under the man’s giant steps, and a creepy dread prickled Jack’s skin.


Marva Dasef said...

I'll keep commenting until I win a copy of Ghost Dog. It sounds like such an interesting story based around a time I don't know much about.

Barbara Scott said...

Everything about your book from concept to excerpt to cover art to trailer calls to me. The lost colony is also the igniting mystery to my WIP. The best of luck to you with Ghost Dog...

Charlie said...

Hi Marva. Good luck with the drawing! You're so great to stop by everyone's blogs.
Welcome Barbara. Thanks so much for your kind words. I too, found the Lost Colony mystery so intriguing. What a fascinating. element in time.
Thanks for hosting me Sue. You did such a great job with my post. :-)
C.K. Volnek

lionmother said...

Every time I see this story I want to read it more! The excerpt was really intriguing!

Sue, great post!

Roseanne Dowell said...

I can't wait to read this and give it to my grandson.

Emily Pikkasso said...

Hi Charlie and Sue, I'm a barefoot girl too Charlie. The only way to walk LOL Love the excerpt and the cover. This is one I wanted to grab from the editing pool but missed out. It is on my must read list.


Sue Perkins said...

At the end of this month I'll be buying several ebooks from MuseItUp and this will be one of them. Sounds very mysterious and I love ghost and historical stories. Well done Charlie

Wendy said...

Hi Charlie and Sue,
I echo Barbara Scott's comments. Love the blurb, the cover and the video. I wish some tweens would find their way here to have a chance to win this lovely book. What a thrill they'd get. My tweens are adults now.

Anonymous said...

I'm new to the whole blogging scene but Ghost Dog sounds like such a great book that I decided to "try the waters". My brother has a Papillion named Scout and the photo of your darling was adorable. --Anita

BarbaraB said...

What an interesting bunch of questions. I enjoyed all of your answers, Charlie. I'm looking forward to reading Ghost Dog ... (I just hope it isn't too scary--I'm a bit of a chicken).

Charlie said...

Thanks to everyone who joined me here on Sue's blog today. It's so nice to meet you all and I apprecate your comments. Good luck to everyone on the contest!
C.K. Volnek

Jan Fischer Wade said...

Hi Charlie! I read the first chapter and had to tear myself away to continue line edits on my YA novel!! Great Job!!! Jan

cstironkat said...

I love mystery/thrillers and this one looks good. I saw the History Channel's program about the colony and its amazing no-one ever solved the mystery.

Rosalie Skinner said...

Again you have a great post Charlie, the excerpt does the trick. The mystery is just a bonus when you create such tension in so few words.
Sue, great questions. Just what you need to know about how the mind of an author ticks. Well done.
Congratulations againg Charlie. *cheers*

Bianca Swan said...

This book would appeal to me as a reader. I loved the trailer. Fun interview ladies. The title is what caught my attention to visit the blog.

Charlie said...

Hi Everyone,
Thanks for coming. I'm honored you've stopped by and said hi. Jan, I'm glad you're liking the book. :-)
Kat, Rosalee and Bianca, I'm so humbled you visited. Thanks for your gracious comments. And Good luck with the FREE Contest!
C.K. Volnek