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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Special Price - Lost on Disc

To welcome in October the price of my ebook Lost on Disc is reduced to $0.99 at Smashwords. Please enter the code HL23Q (not case sensitive) prior to completing checkout. Lost on Disc is a Middle Grade book set inside the computer. This coupon is valid from 1st October to 31st October. Enjoy!

Flic took on the misty shape of the Grand Master. Stargun watched him wave the copy control wand then move across the enormous floor to the center. The tall, cloaked image flowed instead of moving in Flic's usual hovering float.
Fascinated by the change in his friend, the star fighter saw Flic approach the control center and climb three steps to the column and keyboards. He waited for his friend to trip over and give the game away. This didn't happen and Stargun wondered how Flic could be so sure of himself. He had become the Grand Master in personality as well as shape.
Stargun looked quickly round the circular hall for any threat of danger. Several figures moved from place to place. All seemed to be intent on their own business and none of them took any notice of Flic. Some were similar to his friend but much taller as if they'd been stretched.
"Probably guards. Better check with Flic to make sure."
A glance at the center told him nothing. The misty figure blocked his view. Stargun returned to his scan of the Hall and froze in horror. On the opposite side of the control center a tall figure appeared. An exact duplicate of Flic. The real Grand Master!
The star fighter's eyes flicked from Flic to the approaching figure. What should he do? If he called out his friend could move the wrong way. Any noise would bring them to the GM's notice. If he kept quiet Flic would be caught. Would his friend be disintegrated for helping him? Stargun decided to distract the GM to allow Flic get away unseen. He took one step forward but stopped as Flic turned and moved down the steps of the control center.
"Come on Flic," Stargun muttered. "Hurry or you'll be seen by the Grand Master."
Flic reached the bottom step and turned right. He disappeared behind the control center. The real Grand Master appeared from the left a millibyte later.
Stargun's breath came out in a rush. He sagged against the pillar. Once his panic subsided the star fighter peered cautiously round the hall. Flic had disappeared. The real GM mounted the steps to stand at the controls. Moments passed. Flic hadn't appeared and Stargun began to worry. What had happened to his brave friend?

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J.L. Campbell said...

Stopping over on the bookfair hop. This sounds like it would be a good read for my 10 y/o