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Monday, February 27, 2012

Barbara Ehrentreu and Carolyn Samuels visit the Blog Bonanza

Interview with Carolyn Samuels from If I Could Be Like Jennifer Taylor

Today my guest is a girl who has suddenly been thrust into the media. She has given a talk on Karen’s Chaise Lounge and during the year she has guested on several blogs.  How is it affecting this young girl who has graciously agreed to talk about the events of her freshman year in high school.  Since Carolyn gets a little nervous for blog interviews she asked the author of her story, If I Could Be Like Jennifer Taylor, Barbara Ehrentreu, to interview her.
Welcome to both of you. Barbara and Carolyn.
Barbara, please ask your first question.
Carolyn, would you please tell us a little about yourself?
There’s not much to tell. I live in Mill Valley, which is in Westchester, NY and I attend Mill Valley High School. My best friends are Becky and Janie and I love Math. Oh, yeah, I have a Newfoundland dog named Max and my favorite cookie is chocolate chocolate chip homemade by my mom. My mom works for an ad agency in the city. That’s what New Yorkers called New York City. My dad is a criminal lawyer. I’m an only child, but you couldn’t ask for better parents. Except they don’t pay much attention to me.
On the surface it looks like you have a great life. Why, then did you come to me one day crying and telling me you hated Jennifer Taylor and she made your life miserable? Who is Jennifer Taylor and why do you hate her?
Jennifer Taylor has made my life a living nightmare since middle school. I call her Miss Perfect, because she is a size two and her father owns half the town. She’s on the path to be an Olympic gymnast so she’s excellent in gym. Jennifer is the most popular girl in the freshman class. I think she knows everyone in the class. And to top it all off she has this hot boyfriend, Brad, who is a Junior and the quarterback for our football team. He’s so amazing and I don’t think she deserves to be with him. Okay, maybe I have a crush on Brad myself.
What happened last year on the first day of school?
I’m not sure I can talk about this, because it brings back awful memories. Do you want me to go all the way back to the rope line incident? I mean that’s what started all this.
Yes, tell us as much as you can. 
Well, I got up on the first day of school after having this incredible dream where I was popular and a cheerleader and my boyfriend fed me a piece of chocolate cake because I was thin and blonde and didn’t gain weight. Of course the truth is I am a little overweight and my hair is dark brown and hangs like shriveled spaghetti. But still this was a great dream, wouldn’t you agree? I wanted to stay in bed, because when my alarm rang I realized I might run into Jennifer Taylor.  
You see I hate her and I also want to be like her. It’s awful and here’s how it started. When I was in seventh grade we did the ropes course. One part of it , the zip line, required you to climb up to this platform and you were given a harness. When you got up there you had to clasp yourself to the line and then you could slide down. A few people went in front of me and then of course, Jennifer did it perfectly. When my turn came I froze. Then I started breathing funny, because I have this thing. I hyperventilate when I’m nervous and that day I started turning blue. If I can’t start breathing I can faint. I started feeling dizzy and couldn’t clasp myself onto the zip line. Jennifer was on the ground and saw me. The teacher saw me too and raced up the ladder to the platform. She said to me, “Breathe, Carolyn, breathe.” Then Jennifer started saying too and soon all the kids who had been on the line echoed her. As I came down the ladder I wanted a big hole to open up and swallow me. So then Jennifer started bothering me at odd times every day. She’d sneak up and say “Breathe, Carolyn, breathe.” Or she would whisper it in class when I had to go up to the board. We were in Math class together and I started to dread it. So when I was in her Math class again and the teacher put us together as partners I didn’t know how I could stand it. 
What happened?
Well the first day of school after being pushed together with her for a Math project I was put in front of her in line for gym. I don’t know what happened, but all of a sudden I didn’t want to be anywhere near Jennifer and I started hyperventilating until I fainted. I guess that’s when I got connected to Jennifer in a much more serious way.
Oh, my goodness, your story has more to it?
Oh yes, I learned way too much about Jennifer and wound up holding her secrets until the end of the year. I mean, I did meet Brad and well, I don’t think I can say anymore. This is all really painful to talk about, you know?
Yes, Carolyn and thank you for telling us a little bit about your story. I guess if you want to learn more about what happened that year you will have to read the book, If I Could Be Like Jennifer Taylor in both ebook and paperback from MuseItUp Publishing.
Thank you, Sue for hosting us today. 
Yes, thank you Sue and thank you Barbara for helping me through it.
My pleasure, Carolyn. I know talking about these things is hard for you, but you did very well. 
Where can we find your book, Barbara?
Muse Bookstore:
Barnes and Noble:
You can also find out more about me on my blog:

Barbara, a retired teacher with a Masters degree in Reading and Writing K-12 and seventeen years of teaching experience lives with her family in Stamford, Connecticut. When she received her Masters degree she began writing seriously. If I Could Be Like Jennifer Taylor, Barbara’s first YA novel, was published by MuseItUp Publishing, September 16th and was inspired by Paula Danziger. This novel recently won 2nd place in the Preditors & Editors Poll for the Best Young Adult Book of 2011. 
In addition, Barbara has a story in the anthology, Lavender Dreams, also published by MuseItUp Publishing. All proceeds from this anthology go to cancer research. Barbara also writes poetry and three of her poems are included in the soon to be published anthology, Prompted: An International Collection of Poems, a collaboration of members of The Anthologists.  

Her blog, Barbara’s Meanderings,, is networked on both Facebook and Blog Catalog. She hosts RRWL Tales from the Pages (Red River Writers Live Tales from the Pages) on Blog Talk Radio every 4th Thursday. In addition, her children's story, “The Trouble with Follow the Leader” and an adult story, “Out on a Ledge” are published online She has written book reviews for and several of her reviews have been on Acewriters and Celebrity CafĂ©. She is a member of SCBWI. Writing is her life!


Wendy said...

Lovely to meet Carolyn. She sounds like a sensible girl. I'm sorry she's had to carry Jennifer's secret but I would like to know what that is. :)

Rosemary Gemmell said...

I loved this book, Barbara, and you were a great character, Carolyn!!

gail roughton branan said...

Carolyn, honey, lots of folks will tell you the teen years are the best of your life. They lie! I wouldn't be a teen again for all the tea in China! But I know you turn out beautifully!

Sue Perkins said...

Lovely interview Barbara, would you thank Carolyn for being so brave and talking about her problem.

Karen Cote said...

Oh Carolyn honey, I feel your pain and this is so heart-wrenching. No wonder people are giving such rave reviews about your story. I'm sure they've been where you are at some level in their life. Great insight for Barbara to reach out and touch others with your struggles. She's sensitive that way. I love her and I know she's taking really good care of your sweet and vulnerable emotions.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading this book. Barbara is a wonderful author. I look forward to reading more books by her.

lionmother said...

Sue, thank you for being such a great host! Carolyn wants you to know she really enjoyed herself:)

Wendy, you should go get the book immediately to find out:)

Rosemary, thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed reading it:)

Gail, I will tell Carolyn what you said! She is not so sure of that:)

Karen, I'm virtually hugging you my long distance friend!! You always know the right words to say! I love you too and so does Carolyn:)

Susanne, I'm so happy you enjoyed reading the book. I would love if you could review it. Thank you for visiting and thank everyone who stopped by here.