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Friday, February 17, 2012

Introducing Katie Charles

I'd like to introduce Katie Charles who writes Young Adult books. Katie not only writes for this age group, but is also a Young Adult who attends college. I'm sure you'll enjoy learning about "Land of Misfit Teens" and the reason why Katie felt the urge to write this book.

Land of Misfit Teens is about a girl named Amelia MacDonald who goes though one of the hardest things any kid can go though: the death of her mother. Only to make matters worse, the local small university where her father is a professor shuts down, leaving him without a job. He eventually finds a new job, but Amelia and her father are forced to move to the gang-ridden projects of Chicago. 

Amelia, confused and grieving the loss of her mother, is befriended by a boy named Drake and his group of friends. They all think of themselves as castaways, drawn to each other because no on else wants them. Amelia is faced with a decision: fly under the radar so she won't be noticed, or be herself. Either way, her choice has consequences. 

I wrote this book for many reasons, but the greatest was in the hopes the message can be something teenagers can live by. You don’t have to change yourself to be accepted by your peers. The ones who care don't matter, and the ones who matter don't care. I love that quote.
I faced a very similar choice in high school. I moved three thousand miles across the country and walked into a school campus so different from what I came from it made me dizzy. There was a lot of pressure to conform to the way people acted and thought, the 'mindset' of my new school, but none of it was me or the way I wanted to be. Facing the same decision, I am proud to say I stayed true to who I am. Sure, I made some friends at first who didn't stick around when they couldn't influence me, but others did stay. If I could do it, other kids can do it too. Changing yourself is not what God had in mind when He created you. 

I also write this book to shed some light on other things. With today's times and economy people are loosing jobs. Yes, in the book Amelia’s dad finds one quick in comparison to most, but there are people who are still looking, and unfortunately getting sick. Families are in upheaval, and sometimes others don't even know it. I hope that anyone who reads this book will turn to their friends that are going though something similar and be there for them.

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Sue Perkins said...

Welcom Katie, you book sounds very interesting. Hope you have lots of visitors.

Wendy said...

Hi Katie,
What a great concept. I'm sure your novel will be of benefit to teens and older people who want to understand teens. Congratulations on beginning your writing career as soon as you did. I wish you every success.
Your book trailer is awesome.

Jillian said...

Sounds like a great story and one with a strong message. Congrats on a job well done. Here's hoping the book sells well and the message gets out there to the teens who may be struggling with the same issues.

Toni Noel said...

Katie, I loved the quote, too. You are such a levelheaded young woman. I'm proud to know you, and wish you many sales. I downloaded your book, just need time to read it.

Toni Noel

J. Morgan said...

I loved this book, and knowing the back story behind the personal experiences you used to fuel it, the book became even more real for me.