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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Nick G. Giannaras and The Relics of Nanthara

The last but not least visitor to the YA/MG Blog Bonanza is Nick Giannaras. Welcome Nick tell us about your books and a little about yourself.

Dust coated parchments forgotten, a foreboding prophecy considered as myth, powerful ancient relics lost…until now.
Determined to find the truth to the ancient prophecies, young Courtar defies his elders and journeys into strange lands. By befriending strangers of various backgrounds, he unknowingly completes a foretelling of the formation of an alliance destined to destroy the abomination and his desire to gain possession of four powerful ancient relics. Despite their assignment, the group’s inner conflicts could prove a thorn in their stability and negate the promises of victory.
After exposing a far reaching sinister plot to dethrone the Mhoren hierarchy, clues are discovered that lead the motley crew of adventurers to the possible location of one of the ancient relics. Assassins, foulskin, and black-hearted allies loyal to the Dark One battle the allies as the ‘chosen ones’ venture forth to end this nightmare. Can the alliance gain possession of the crown and stop the commencement of the Dark One’s dominion before they kill each other?

My name is Nick G. Giannaras, author of the Relics of Nanthara Trilogy. The first book Secrets Revealed and the second book Sacrifice of Heroes have been published, with the third in progress. I will give you a quick chat on how this crazy story and my writing career came about.
Well, how did it start? Funny thing…I was in my office one day doing paperwork when my assistant at the time (a Godly woman) walked, scratch that, barged in, stopped in front of my desk, and stared at me. Looking around, I thought I done something wrong. She looked at me and said, “God said there are talents in you that have not been tapped yet. Use them.” 
Two days later I began to write. That was six years ago, and I haven’t stopped writing since. I have to write. It is a burning desire instilled in me to get words out to people, especially young folks, or else I’ll burst.
Now, before this was instilled, a year or so before this command was given to me, I used to play Dungeons & Dragons. Yes, I know, most of you are thinking “Yeah, yeah, another game turned story, heard it before, blah, blah.” Well, in a way yes. The background of how this epic story came about was based on a game I ran. In fact, when I finished my first draft, I thought it was ready for publication. Ha! Boy, was I wrong. 
After staring at the text for several days, the Lord spoke to me. “Write it for me.” What? How? Looking back, I never realized the dialogue was already set in that particular direction. Therefore, reworking the dialogue was not as difficult as I expected. I love the characters. To me, their interaction is most entertaining, and I hope this story of faith, trust, perseverance, and struggle touches others as it has touched me.
Last, but not least, I am editing my third book in the trilogy, Dawn of the Apocalypse with Muse, waiting on a contract for a Christian superhero novel I submitted, and currently writing book two in another trilogy set in Nanthara.  


Wendy said...

Your dedication to writing is truly inspiring. Your exciting adventures are sure to entertain young readers and lead them on a moral, godly path. Your covers are stunning too.

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Sounds like an exciting series, Nick! Great covers.

Nick Giannaras said...

Thank you to all the comments left so far and those to come. Yes, the covers are great. I only hope people like the stories as much as the covers!