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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Welcome to Caina Fuller

Welcome Caina, tell us a little about yourself.

I'm a small town country girl who has always loved to read. I started out interested in writing fan fiction and decided, through encouragement from family, to begin writing original fiction. I still enjoy reading, writing fan fiction, and recently I've begun learning to draw. I have a long abiding passion for graphic art. I design book covers and also enjoy working on fan art in the Xena, Smallville, Doctor Who, and Merlin fandoms.

The Witnessing - 
The Good Shepherds Book One

Available – March 15, 2012 
Murder is as old as mankind. As long as people have died at the hand of their fellow man there have been those with the special ability to see the souls of the murdered. They are called Shepherds, and it is their duty to usher these souls, the Specters, to the afterlife where they can finally find eternal peace. 
The Good Shepherds tells the story of Maya Ford and Mark Wilson, a young Shepherd pair with a destiny to bring about great change to the old traditions the Shepherds have followed since the time of the first murder. They will challenge their kind to set aside old prejudices, to open their minds and hearts to gain a greater understanding of the Unredeemables, a race of Specters the Shepherds have been at odds with since the dawn of time. It is only through Maya and Mark that both sides can finally find peace. 
He coughed, and blood sprayed from his mouth, prompting him to moan in pain. He gripped his stomach, but the pain only made him angrier. He struggled to speak again. 
"Listen to me," He gasped weakly. "Do something. I know you can help me. You can see me, so why don't you do something?" 
This was one Specter I felt zero sympathy for. He frightened me, and I didn't like to be frightened. I decided right there that I didn't like the ghosts of Coalton. They were pushy and demanding, unlike the kind ones I'd known in Huntington. They also didn't listen very well. This was the first time since I started seeing Specters that I had to repeat an order for them to cease and desist. 
With more force and determination I shouted at him. "I said leave me alone. Get out!" 
I thanked God it worked that time. The Specter glared resentfully as he receded and faded to nothing, but I soon found him lingering in my room like a stubborn bad smell when I came to the kitchen, standing with the four young men I'd Banished earlier that morning. 
Then they did something that surprised me: They looked at one another and then looked at me. These five men weren't alone in some half-life hell. They were together, aware of each other, suffering as a group rather than alone. I'd seen a mother-child pair once before in Huntington, but I'd never seen a group of Specters who were as aware of each other as they were of me. 
"You can see each other?" I asked. They didn't respond, and for the first time since I met little Margaret, I got angry at their silence. I slammed my hand down on the counter and shouted at them, "Answer me!" 
Instead of obeying they looked at me with something that resembled fear and then exploded into smoke. 


Cheryl said...

Hi Caina! Sounds like a good read!

Jean Kinsey said...

Sou nds scary. good writing