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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Maple Express Review

I recently read a book called Maple Express by Peter Brandt. As Peter is a guest on my blog tomorrow, I thought I'd put up the review first so you can see what we are talking about. Enjoy

Title: Maple Express

Author: Peter A Brandt

Publisher: Simple Simon Publishing

Genre: Contemporary     Inspirational       

Length Full - 178 pages  

Age Recommendation:  14+
Spoilt little rich girl describes Sarah Maple exactly. Her parents struggle for normality in their home, but Sarah knows the marriage is broken, probably beyond repair. She works this to her advantage, getting a car from her father and making her mother feel guilty enough to bale her out of any trouble.
"Maple Express" begins with Sarah showing her true colors at school, then skipping class to go to a sale. Unfortunately she crashes her car. When she regains consciousness she is on a train, a very weird train which seems to be traveling from nowhere to nowhere. She has four traveling companions. Loving, caring Sadie, Rebecca who's only a child and Alanis who is reserved in an abrasive sort of way. There is also the volatile Arden who appears to think he's in charge. Sarah's determination to get off the train drags the others into her scheme and the adventures begin.
The first chapters of this book bring Sarah to life. The author lets us look inside her head to see how this spoiled teenager justifies her actions toward her parents and her peers. I got a little confused when Sarah woke up on the train, but after her first attempt to escape the "Maple Express" I realized what was happening and looked forward to seeing how the author solved the problems which continuously popped up in front of Sarah.
While not a "show stopper" this book is a pleasant read and would appeal to teenage girls, especially those with lack of self-esteem. Teenagers may see a little of themselves in the characters as the author shows how even those who are considered popular can have doubts. The book might help them see their true selves and where there is room for improvement. 

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Visit tomorrow and see what Peter has to say about Maple Express, plus there's an excerpt and a chance to win a gift if you leave a comment.

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MomJane said...

I think the story sounds fun. I am planning on reading it.