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Thursday, July 5, 2012

How do you manage your time?

I have been very remiss lately in keeping this blog up to date. Blame it on illness in the family, stress of work etc., but now I'm back and intend to keep up to date with my blog, Twitter and Facebook.
Like all authors I'd rather write than do anything else, but it's just not possible to spend as much time as I'd like writing, promoting and researching. I welcome other authors to leave a comment on how they manage their time.
Personally I only have a few days a week I can give to writing, and even then life intervenes. Today was wonderful, I was able to work the whole day on polishing a submission and sending it off to a new publisher.
Tomorrow I hope to get another book sorted re edits so I can give it a final read through over the weekend. So this week my writing time has been good. How do others manage?


Anonymous said...

Hi, Sue! Time management is something I'm always working on, so no suggestions here.

I've been having a hard time lately keeping up on my blog reading and that is due to the extreme heat we've been having. The computer doesn't work as well in the heat, so I'm on in small blocks of time, here and there. Wish we had central air!

Do the best you can with the time you are able to carve out of your busy days for your writing.

Sue Perkins said...

thanks Susanne, I've spent the day promoting which means of course no writing. Hopefully my efforts will reflect more sales, but who knows?

Christy McKee said...

For writers managing their time can be a stumbling block to getting in a full day of productive writing. My best advice is "do not go on line" until you've finished your pages or editing for the day. Another preventative measure is get up early and write. At that time you've not encountered any problems or hiccups and by the time they hit, you'll already be done writing.

Sue Perkins said...

Good advice Christy, unfortunately it's not always possible to get up early when you have to work long hours. But I agree about not doing the emails etc until after the writing. Thanks for your input.