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Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas Story - Part 4

Part Four
Welcome. Each episode of the Christmas Story has been written by a different author adding to what has been written by previously. Part Four is brought to us by Barbara Ehrentreu


Madison held tight to Gibb’s hand as they whirlpooled through space. They were definitely not outside, because she didn’t need her coat. It was more like an elevator out of control. She still thought she might be dreaming as suddenly the movement stopped and she felt a thud. 
“Open the door, we’re here,” Gibb said.
Madison put out her hand and felt a knob. She twisted it and pushed open the door that  looked just like her closet door. “Where are we? What will I find outside this door?”
Gibb didn’t answer, but he followed behind her as the door opened onto a Christmas wonderland. Every kind of evergreen decorated the walls and colored lights were everywhere. Toys spilled out of big boxes and lined shelves. Every space was filled with toys and Madison heard a faint hum coming from the same direction as the toys.
“They’re here!” The cry rose up in the huge space and suddenly hundreds of tiny people came rushing toward her. 
“Oh my, she is here at last! We are saved!” 
Madison turned to Gibb. “They think I’m here to save them. Help me please. All I want is to go home and go to sleep so Christmas will come. I promise to go to sleep right away.”
“Oh little one. They speak the truth. That is why I was sent to fetch you. You are the only one who can save Christmas this year.” 
“What has happened? Where’s Santa Claus? Nothing has happened to him, I hope!”
“Well not exactly, but it could at any minute.” 
“And why me? I’m only a child and I can’t do anything .”
“No that isn’t true. You have a power you never knew about yourself.”
Madison looked around her. She was in a circle of little people wearing red and green felt and cute floppy hats. The crowd of men and women looked up at her with such love she felt as if she were being hugged by their eyes. “I don’t know what you want me to do for you, but whatever it is I will try to do it.”
“YAY.” they all yelled and rushed toward her. Madison jumped into Gibb’s arms. He ran back to the door from where they came and Madison let out her breath. 
“Oh, my. Does that happen often around here?”
Gibb pushed a button and the crazy room in which they were began to twirl and move upward. “We’re going to see the big guy now. So hold onto your hat.” He looked over at her. “Oh, sorry no hat, but still hold on somewhere. We’re zooming over to see Santa right now.”
She closed her eyes as the contraption took off again and once more they were whirling in space. This time it was faster and she thought she might disappear through the air as it moved farther and farther toward the one person she thought she would never meet. “I wish my Daddy was here so I could tell him how cool this is.” Then she thought about her mother sitting alone waiting for Santa Claus. Would Santa get there tonight? Why was she here? Her brain reeled.


Caryn Joy said...

Bravo Barbara !!!

Heather Haven said...

Okay, this is getting good. Can't wait to keep reading!

J Q Rose said...

Delightful! Smiling from ear to ear.