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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Story - Part 6

Welcome. Each episode of the Christmas Story has been written by a different author adding to what has been written by previously. Part Six is brought to us by Lynette Endicott.



That adorable granddaughter was rattling the jar at Gibb.
"Gibb, you owe the jar a dollar. You are not being a very good influence on me." 
The elf's feet, in green curly toed shoes, extended -- although not very far -- from beneath a red contraption. He scooted out from under it and sat up. He dug into a pocket and pulled out some shiny coins, flinging them into the jar as he climbed up into the contraption.
Madison stared at the coins. "These aren't quarters, Gibb. They look like gold or something."
Gibb frowned. "We don't use quarters at the North Pole." 
He was fiddling with what might be controls on what looked suspiciously like a sleigh. Santa's sleigh. The sleigh that had coughed and sputtered as it slid into the garage, in spite of the best efforts of the reindeer to keep it steady. Madison's magical journey, where she could travel without getting cold, had been more than a little shaky. She was getting cold now. She stomped her slipper-clad feet and rubbed her hands together to get warm.
"What's wrong with it, anyway?"
"I wish I knew, kid. Everything has been out of balance, all year long. The big guys says you will fix it but I can't see how. We thought just having you in the sleigh would get it going again."
Madison stared at him. She didn't understand the whole Agent of Christmas thing, but surely it was something more than fixing Santa's sleigh.
Gibb rubbed his own hands together.
"Is it cold in here?" 
Madison nodded and blew on her hands, and her breath puffed out in a little cloud of cold.
"Then the heat's not working either. We'd better tell Santa…"
"Tell me what, Gibb?"
Eyes wide with wonder, Madison spun around to see a bearded man in coveralls -- brown coveralls -- stroking his beard with a gloved hand.
"Are…you really Santa," she asked, her voice squeaky with excitement.
The man didn't answer with words, but as he strode closer she could see the twinkling in his eyes and the sparkle of glitter in his long white beard. He smelled of gingerbread and snickerdoodles.
He dropped down on one knee next to her and put out a hand.
"Nick Clause at your service, Madison. You don't know how glad I am to see you. You are the only one who can help me this Christmas."
Was there a tear in Santa's eye?
Madison threw her arms around his neck and hugged him tight. He felt warm and the warmth spread to her figures and toes. She wasn't cold anymore.
She leaned back and looked at him.
"See," he said, giving a little chuckle. "You are already bringing the magic back."
"Gibb, try the sleigh again. With Madison and me here together it will be flying in no time, and speaking of time, we need to get this show on the road. We don't want any children waking up before we've delivered their gifts, do we Madison?"

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