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Monday, July 28, 2014

Nick - Autumn Love by Jaclyn v di Bona

Nick is the hero of Autumn Love a book written by Jaclyn V Di Bona which has yet to be published. This excerpt is when the hero, Nick meets Jolie, the heroine for the first time. She is bringing his grandchildren to him in Santa Barbara, CA.

Patrick called out to the children. "There's your Nonno, kids."
"Oh-h, my." Jolie stared in disbelief at this handsome specimen of manhood. Her first thought was the stereotype of a grandfather definitely did not fit this man. No way. No how.
His black denim shirt stretched across wide shoulders and tapered down over a flat stomach into his jeans. His shirt opened at his throat, his sleeves rolled up, revealing well-developed, muscular arms. He sported a deep tan, giving her the image of his working out in the sun, stripped to his waist. His black, well-worn jeans clung to a single long, muscular leg. A cast encased the other leg partially obscured by the denim cut loosely and tied together, holding the material in place.
Jolie's gaze traveled back up to his strong features. His skin stretched taut over high cheekbones, and a hawk like nose stood out on his weathered face. His blue-black hair looked as though he'd run his fingers through the thickness in nervous agitation. He gripped the crutches tight. Was he nervous about his beloved grandchildren not liking it here?
Crutches, now she understood why he didn't meet them at the airport. It wouldn't be easy trying to maneuver around with them, especially in a crowded airport. Still, he could have come to greet them and waited in the van. Did he know about her background and was making sure she'd come to the ranch. Anything was possible, time would tell.
He struggled across the uneven tiles, he frowned, his frustration apparent. He straightened his shoulders and stood tall. The tightness of his jaw showed he wasn't pleased with his disability. She sensed he wouldn't welcome any assistance. A strong wave of pride bounced off him, confidence bordering on arrogance. At the same time, she couldn't help wondering if all this struggling was a bit overdone for their benefit. She chided herself for being unkind. She and the children stood by the car watching his slow approach. The children wide-eyed and excited all at the same time. Silence settled around them as grandfather and grandchildren stared at each other. 
Beneath dark brows, his dynamic, malachite eyes held her speechless. Eyes the color and clarity of the finest emeralds. Deep, clear and probing, the intensity of his cool gaze zeroed in on her. She shivered at seeing a man no one in his or her right mind dared to cross. Good grief. Another Rob. She bit her lip. Forget about him. You're here for the children, and then you'll be gone.
Her heart quickened the moment Nick turned, his glance flickering over her. His gaze covered every inch of her, lingering for a moment on her breasts. The corner of his mouth twitched before he glanced back to focus on his happy grandchildren.
He leaned over on his crutches and gazed at his grandchildren. His eyes softened and sparkled like warm Bermuda water as he beamed at the twins. His smile took her breath away. Heavens, that smile of his could melt glaciers, and women would fall at his feet for a smile like that.
"A month has passed since I've seen the both of you. You've shot up. Anthony, at the rate you're growing, you'll be as tall as I am. You're both my heritage. Everything I've worked for was for both of you." When they frowned at him, he chuckled. "Not to worry, you'll understand when you're older. I love you both very much and I'm happy you arrived safely."
Jolie swallowed hard as her throat constricted. She blinked fast to keep tears at bay as Nick reached out and squeezed Anthony's shoulder. She heard the tightness in his voice, the pain in his eyes darkened and they glistened when he stared into Anthony's smiling upturned face.
"Every time I see you, you look more look your father. I miss him so much. I know you do too."
Anthony glanced up at his grandfather. "Mommy said I look like my Daddy, and Daddy looked just like you." He paused, deep in thought and frowned. "So, if she's right, that would mean, I . . . um . . . look like you?" Rubbing his small nose, he squinted up at his grandfather. "Well, almost."
Nick threw his head back and let out a bellowing laugh. He reached out and tapped Anthony's small nose, and ruffled his hair. "Be thankful for the almost."
"Hey, don't forget me," Adriana added, tugging at his shirt to get his attention.
Nick's  love for them, his joy at having them here, lit his expression. Jolie smiled as he grinned, reached out, and gently tilted up his granddaughter's chin. He turned her face from side to side as though pretending he was trying to remember. "Forget you, no way. You haven't changed, except to get more beautiful every time I see you. You're the image of your mother. I miss her too." He leaned down and kissed her forehead.
Adriana giggled in delight at her grandfather's kiss and his words.
Jolie's heart quickened the moment Nick turned, his glance flickering over her. She straightened, gathered her courage, and extended her arm.

"How do you do?"

Jaclyn is a long-time member of Romance Writers of America, and is also an active PRO member of the New England Chapter of RWA, where she served as treasurer for four years. She also served as co-chair wizard critiquer with From the Heart Critique Group. In addition she served as a judge for RWA's Golden Heart Contest for many years.
Jaclyn joined Desert Breeze Publishers and cannot imagine a better place to write. To have the license to be able to create from her vivid imagination romance set in any genre, intrigue time travel, and suspense stories the way she imagines romance should be.
She met the love of her life at age sixteen and after Lou graduated from MIT, the couple raised three children and sadly lost one son to cancer. Jaclyn enjoys espresso, reading romance novels, and would love to hear from her readers. She is. hard at work on her next novel.

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Mona Risk said...

I read this book and loved it. Great emotion, Jaclyn.