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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Sard - Elisette by Sue Perkins

Capet Sard makes his appearance in a minor role in the first of the Cloud Kingdom series Caishel
Book 2 of the Cloud Kingdom series Elisette (due out 21st August) presents him as the hero. Here we find out a little about his life.

My dream Capet Sard
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Welcome Capet Sard, thank you for coming to visit my blog.

Sard: It's a pleasure. I'm finding this world very interesting.

Tell me what is a Capet?

Sard: It's a step in the hierarchy of my planet Hejmen. At the bottom are the merchants and townspeople. The next step up are pages, usually the sons of noblemen. Then come the Capets. We have finished our training but are not experienced enough to become Sires, which is the level above Capet. Then at the top are the Dukes of the Cloud Kingdoms.

What do you actually do?

Sard: I am a Capet in Duke Ailan of Lan's court. I attend to matters in his realm that he's too busy to see to. I also accompany him when he visits other castles.

Will you eventually become a Sire?

Sard: Yes, I will. But I won't make it to Duke. I'm the heir to my father's estate of Karn in the dukedom of Rak. We breed nahhars and have a fine stable.

And a nahhar is?

Sard: I think you call them unicorns although they're not exactly the same. Beautiful animals of all different colors.

What is the badge you wear on your tunic?

Sard: It's a Horak, the bird is the emblem of Rak. Lan has a dragon as its emblem.

Are there dragons on Hejmen?

Sard: I don't think so. Duchess Caishel dug through the archives in the castle of Lan and found the very first Duke remembered the tales his father told him of huge scaled creatures back on the home planet. The Duke decided to make this his emblem.

What do you see in your future life?

Sard: I'd like to find a wife and settle down to raise a family. My home life as a child was a happy one and I'd like to have the same for my own children.

Have you anyone specific in mind to take as your wife?

Sard: (blushes) Yes I have, but forgive me if I don't tell you who. She's rather special but quite shy. I must go now but thank you for inviting me to visit your world.

Capet Sard helps Lise obtain a job as nursemaid in the floating Castle of Lan. Love blossoms between noble and servant, but Sard is called home to Rak. Shortly after his departure Lise discovers she is pregnant and travels to Rak. Lise is in danger and Sard is worried he hasn't heard from her. He sets out to discover her whereabouts and joins with the Eos to attempt to find his beloved. Failure to rescue Lise and find the true heir of Rak could mean disaster for the whole planet of Hejmen.

The girl's steps were brisk, each one taking her further from the life of drudgery on the farm. Life in the town would be no easier, but at least there'd be payment for working, and maybe a chance to meet girls her own age.
Her departure had been an hour after sunrise when the day moon Daith sat like a pink shadow in the sky. Two hours later, her footsteps took her past the mileage stone at the turning onto the main road to Landon. The town appeared in the distance and her eyes widened at the sight of the sky castle floating high above the ground. Ellie remembered their journey to the farm when her mother married Horgarth. The castle had looked unkempt, with a tilt slightly off its true level. Now the sunlight glinted off the surface making it a sparkling jewel in the bright blue sky.
Hearing the sound of hoofbeats behind her, the girl moved to one side of the road to allow the rider to pass. To her surprise, the nahhar stopped. The same young man who had asked directions the day before looked down at her.
"Are you heading for Landon?" he asked with a smile.
"Yes, Sire -- I mean Capet." Ellie ducked her head to hide her confusion.
"So am I. Can I offer you a ride on Vassar?"
Ellie glanced up, looking for Vassar, before realizing the Capet spoke about the golden nahhar.
"Thank you, but no. I haven't far to go now."
"I'll walk with you." He dismounted and, taking the reins in his hand, stepped out beside her.
        Ellie thought his offer had been a mere courtesy and expected the noble to ride on. Instead he walked beside her, smelling clean and fresh, not like her stepbrothers who always had a stale odour of sweat hanging off their bodies. Should Ellie speak or remain silent? The Capet solved the problem by chatting casually about all manner of things.

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J Q Rose said...

What a fun, escape story. Breeding unicorns?? Never thought of that. Very clever interview.