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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Elisette - Cloud Kingdoms Book Two

Elisette the second book in the Cloud Kingdoms seres is now available from Desert Breeze Publishing There are four books in the series, each following the lives of four feisty women on the planet Hejmen. 

Elisette, a young farm girl, gets a job as nurserymaid to the children of the Duke and Duchess of Lan. She falls in love with Capet Sard, but when Sard has to return to his home in Rak, Lise doesn't hear from him and she sets out to find her love. Unfortunately the journey turns into a disaster and Lise is positive she and Sard will never be able to share their lives.


When Sard asked Lise for directions the day before, he'd expected to be given a sharp reply from a coarse farm girl. Instead he found himself staring into brilliant amber eyes set in a delicate face. Her hair had been hidden under a scarf holding it out of the way. He couldn't believe this lovely creature lived and worked in such a run down place. All night he'd thought about her, and on his way back to Landon, Sard wondered if he could make an excuse to visit the farm again. With difficulty he resisted the temptation to turn off the main road.
He continued his journey and saw a girl ahead trudging toward Landon. Could it be her? No, a farm worker wouldn't be away from her duties at this time of day.
Luck was on his side. It was the girl from yesterday. Today the long, dark auburn tresses were gently restrained by a headband as they rippled down her back reminding him of a waterfall. The girl looked much cleaner, too. Sard had been disappointed when his offer of a ride on Vassar had been refused, but their subsequent conversation made him feel relieved he hadn't insisted. He knew how young and naïve Lise had been, but despite her youth, something about her commanded respect.
Luck remained with him when Lise told her reasons for travelling to Landon. Although he could guess why her mother had sent her away, this meant he could help both Lise and the Duchess.
He left the nursery with a big grin on his face. The Duchess now had a nursemaid and he had the chance to get to know Lise better.

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