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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Lise from Elisette - Cloud Kingdoms Book Two

Today the heroine from Elisette, the second book of the Cloud Kingdom series, visits the blog. 

Hello Elisette.

Elisette:  Please call me Lise, Elisette is for people who don't know me. 

Very well Lise, thank you for visiting us today. Would you like to tell us a bit about your life?

Lise:  There's not much to tell. My mother, father and I lived in Lan until my father died in an accident when I was five years old. We had a happy life until then.

I'm sorry to hear about your father. Did you stay in Lan after his death?

Lise:  Mother and I managed for a while but then she got sick and couldn't work. A widowed farmer from Northside offered us a home if mother would marry him and look after his house and family. Unfortunately we had no other option.

You don't live there any longer do you?

Lise:  No. The men of my stepfamily began to take an interest in me when I started developing as a woman so mother sent me away.

What ever did you do?

Lise: I meant to try for a job in one of the big houses of Lan, but instead the Duchess of Lan engaged me as a nurserymaid to help her children's nanny. I was lucky to be in the right place at the right time.

So what's it like living in a sky castle?

Lise: It's so different. The Duchess has put a proper bathroom in the nursery so I don't have to haul water up for the children's bath. They have dropchutes to move from floor to floor and the nobles travel downside by mattporters. I take the children to the castle gardens when the weather's nice, and did you know the weather is actually decided by the Duke?

Really? So what do you do when you're not working?

Lise: (blushes) I've made friends with a Capet. He's been very kind and shown me how to get downside, where to shop for personal needs. He's nice.

Nice? He's just a friend?

Lise: Well, we have kissed but we're trying to be discreet because it's not a good idea for a capet and an nurserymaid to become a couple. We go for walks in the gardens in the evening and have afternoon tea downside on my days off.

Do you think there's any future in the relationship?

Lise: I don't think so because his parents will want him to marry someone of a better social standing. I'm enjoying things while they last. Sorry I have to get back before the children wake up.

Thank you for talking to us, Lise. I hope everything works out for you and your Capet.


Outside, Lise pondered which way to take to the laundry. Guessing it would be on the same level as the kitchens, she headed for the staircase sack slung over her shoulders and her head bowed as she compensated for the extra weight.
"Watch out!"
Startled by the sudden appearance of a male body, Lise looked up quickly. Capet Sard stood in front of her, hands on hips and a big grin on his face.
"I'm so sorry, Capet. I didn't see you coming."
"Where are you off to?" Sard smiled at her.
"The laundry, sir."
"Here, let me help you. It's far too heavy for you to carry." He reached his hand toward the sack slung over her shoulder, but Lise quickly backed away.
"No, sir, really. I'm a lot stronger than I look. Besides, it wouldn't be right--a Capet like you helping me with my work. Excuse me, please."
Sard blocked her way as Lise tried to push past. He soon realized her determination and raising his hands in surrender took a step toward the wall.
"Thank you, Capet," Lise murmured and hurried toward the staircase.
"You're welcome, Lise."
His voice came from right behind her. He had followed her. How else would she have heard his words, especially when his voice had been low and soft?
"Please, Capet. I thank you for putting me forward for this job, but I really need to prove myself to the Duchess and Mesry Keva. The Mesry thinks you got me the job. I have to show her I can be trusted to do the work allotted to me."
"I understand, Lise." Sard's eyes bored deep into hers, and her head ducked to avoid his searching look. He lifted her chin with his finger and his gaze searched deep within her to find the real Lise. "You can't work all the time. I'll wait until you're on a break and we'll talk."
Lise fled. His touch stirred a wealth of emotions. Emotions her troubled mind had no idea how to deal with. Her thoughts tumbled in turmoil, but her survival instincts still worked and her feet came to an abrupt halt on the stairs as the familiar odors of washing soap and hot water drifted across her path. To her left a heavy wooden door barred her way and Lise tentatively pushed it open.

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