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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Stairway to Heaven

Welcome to Cheryle Williams and Stairway to Heaven. The cover makes me want to read this book, it's absolutely gorgeous. You need to read to the end of this post to discover the surprise at the end. Thanks for visiting Cheryle. Over to you. 

By Cheryle Williams
Desert Breeze Publishing

“No fair! Is that all the time I get?” wonders my young heroine of the YA paranormal fantasy Stairway to Heaven. Unfortunately for Minx Reston, sixteen years on earth is all the years she gets to enjoy on this plane of existence. The young actress is kicked in the head by Rudolph the reindeer while filming her cable TV Christmas special.
Lights out. Tough luck, girl. The world as she knows it has come to an end. Next thing Minx realizes, she’s floating above her battered form, looking down as paramedics work to resuscitate her lifeless body. Soon that image disappears as the cord between spirit and flesh is cut. Her time on earth is over. She finds herself floating in a gray void, waiting for the next step in her existence. For she exists as something. Her mind still functions.
The afterlife wouldn’t leave her hanging like this, would it?
But no angel guide comes to conduct her to the Heaven’s Gate, which is the usual procedure for those making the transition from life to death to a brand new life in heaven. There’s been a slipup in procedures. Minx is left hanging but another heavenly being hears her cries of despair. Reid was seventeen when he died in a drowning accident. He’ll always be seventeen in heaven, where he serves as a guardian flyer in a corps of dark-winged angel beings who patrol the lower plane of heaven. They wear leather and carry swords. They need weapons to swing at the demons from hell who intrude and cause mischief. The last thing Reid has time for is a rescue of a transitioning young spirit.
Yet Reid makes time to rescue Minx and fly her to the Stairway to Heaven. Thereby begins their story. A sweet heavenly attachment develops between the two angelic beings, one a ten-year veteran of heaven. One still needing to go through the training phase. I wrote this novel because the question always intrigued me, what happens after a human soul crosses into the great beyond? I know the religious explanations of what is supposed to happen, but I leave all that out in my story. Everyone can believe what they want, but I wanted to produce a fun fantasy that will give readers hope that a bright new life that awaits us all. This is my own fantasy. It does not conform to any religious or spiritual creed. There’s no religious dogma in my story. The scenarios I create will make a reader think and dream and live with hope.
Haven’t we all made a comment about someone who has passed on, “they’re really shaking things up in heaven now.” Surely we have greater tasks ahead of us. Join Minx and Reid on their journey in a new frontier where the possibilities are endless. Have fun.
I wrote this 75K novel partly because I have young relatives who passed at young ages. I believe in the power of heaven’s love for all of us. I’m hoping my loved ones who have passed on are having the grandest time in heaven. Whatever awaits us, we can trust that the angels above are watching over us while we fulfill our time down below.

Cheryle Williams has two YA novels published through Desert Breeze Publishing, a small press publisher based in California. Her second book is a YA contemporary about two troubled teens dealing with high school stress, Strangers in the Province of Joy. A YA historical sweet romance about life on the colonial Pennsylvania frontier in 1772, Eden on the Frontier, is scheduled for a June 2017 release.
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Sue Perkins said...

I think Google must be playing up. I added a comment which didn't show so here goes again.

Thank you for visiting my blog Cheryle. The cover is beautiful and the excerpt looks good too.

Anonymous said...

it is a nice cover. Cute. The story sounds interesting too. Have an awesome day.

Tina Pinson

Wendy Scott said...

Fabulous cover and interesting story concept.

Cheryl Elaine Williams said...

Thanks so much, Sue, for hosting me on your blog! This was quite an honor to be invited. Let me post this link to Facebook so other readers know about your wonderful blog. Hope everyone is having a good week and here's wishing you all a happy and productive weekend. May you have better weather than we've been having in the Pittsburgh area (Wednesday it was pouring rain, Thursday and Friday icy snow flurries and cold.)

Cheryl Elaine Williams said...

Wendy Scott has won the free book. Wendy, please let me know your email address and mailing address.