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Sunday, March 11, 2018

New Releases

Not one but TWO new releases over the last few weeks.

Jayden's Innocence the second book of the Village of Shadows series is now available in ebook format from most online booksellers, and also available in paperback from Amazon.

Life is hard when Jayden is released from prison.

No one wants to employ him and his family want nothing to do with an ex-con. He retreats to a quiet village with no amenities to hide from the world.

Jayden decides the only option is to clear his name. He did not embezzle the money from his employers but knows all prisoners swear they are innocent. Will anyone believe him?

Sophie lives in the same village and is willing to help him prove his innocence plus she has the skills to do the investigation.

Their quest draws them closer but danger follows every move they make. Will their search make things worse for Jayden or will they clear his name?

Miri's Inheritance the first book in this series is also available from the same retailers.

For those readers who love fantasy Steam Mountain, the second Rak Shoma series, is also available from on line book retailers including Amazon. This book continues the search for Ash's parents with some surprising results.
ook of the

Maevens Ash and Orm continue their search for Ash's parents by riding on a mechanical carriage to Stavmo, a country based on steam. Stavmo is run by a dictator who ordains everyone must have red hair. Those without this color hair, and anyone else who goes against him, vanish into the mines or are thrown into the volcano.

Steam cars, whirlybirds, and small appliances, even guns, are all powered by steam. A huge factory has toxic smoke billowing into the air, and only the rich are able to escape the smell by living on the opposite side of town.

The magical pair make friends with the rebels and try to help them fight for their rights, but in doing so they get separated and place themselves in danger.


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