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Thursday, January 10, 2019

Friday Focus

Fury saw a ghostly man dressed as a pirate captain enter the cave, using the same entrance they had. Four others – who appeared to be his crew – followed him. Each of the ghosts carried a small chest on their shoulders and they ignored Fury and Eion as they passed by.

Oops – wrong type of pirates.

Ebook pirates are undermining authors ability to earn money which then enables them to continue writing books for avid readers to read.

Have you ever been given a copy of an ebook by a friend and thought, well it's free because it's on the net? Not so! Ebooks have the same copyright restrictions as printed books. How would you feel if you had worked hard producing for instance a painting or a quilt and someone copied the painting and gave it away as a poster, or gave away the quilt pattern? You'd probably feel upset. Well contrary to belief Ebook authors are not rolling in money and their hard earned work is protected by copyright. So Beware! If you buy an Ebook, or you win an Ebook in a competition, check the publishers blurb and you'll see you only have the right to read. You do NOT have the right to copy the book and pass it on.
Regarding copyright infringement the FBI says the following:
"FBI Anti-Piracy Warning: Unauthorized Copying Is Punishable Under Federal Law."

So help the authors and don't accept free copies from these pirates. If you do the authors won't make the small amount of money they get from each sale which in turn means they may give up writing all together. Then where will you find books to read?

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