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Friday, December 6, 2019

Village of Shadows Book 3 – Now Available

Kaitlyn's Curiosity – the e-book version of the third book of the Village of Shadows is now available from most online booksellers.The paperback version will be available in the New Year.

Afraid her daughter is heading for trouble due to the company she keeps, Kaitlyn's mother sends her to Deden to look after Uncle Clive who suffers from dementia. Her arrival in the pouring rain sets a dismal start to Kaitlyn's new life. Deden is a strange village with inhabitants who all
have secrets in their pasts.
Kaitlyn and Uncle Clive settle into a peaceful co-existence, but the home help is not happy at Kaitlyn's arrival and tries to make trouble.
Noah, Clive's social worker, sorts out the problem but is this handsome man more interested in the niece more than the uncle?

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