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Monday, February 10, 2020

Cloud Kingdoms - Castles in the Sky

Four strong women who develop into saviours for their people. In the background of each book are the Eos – spirit people who are responsible for the wellbeing of the planet Hejmen and both Eos and humans who live there.


Caishel – orphaned and living on the streets as a male urchin. She falls in love with a noble, but will he think her a suitable wife, or use her as he sees fit?



Elisette – starts work as a nursemaid to the children on a duchess, but falls in love with a young Capet and becomes pregnant. What will her future hold?


Tazia – has an arranged marriage to a duke. Her father's mistress instructs her into the intimate side of marriage, but the wild tales terrify the bride on her wedding night and anger her new husband.


Zaeyen – to escape an arranged marriage, Zaeyen goes in search of the lost Eos spirits. Only they can bring the planet back to health before it dies completely.

Please note these ebooks are updated versions of the Cloud Kingdom (Sky Castles) series. They are available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and many other online booksellers. They are available under their new titles.

Blue & Silver – Caishel

Russet & Gold - Elisette

Ebony & Ivory – Tazia

Emerald & Amber - Zaeyen

Happy Reading.

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