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Monday, June 29, 2020

Free Book

This is an update on the previous Cloud Kingdoms KU post. To give my readers a taste of the Cloud Kingdoms realm I offer Phelice - a short novella. This book is the linking book between Ebony and Ivory - Tazia and Emerald and Amber - Zaeyen.

Phelice of Ardon marries widowed Jariss of Noor without even seeing her betrothed. When she arrives at the Sky Castle of Noor, Jariss keeps disappearing, his excuse he has estate business to deal with. She wonders if he is really regretting their marriage or is he till pining for his dead first wife. To gain a happy future, Phelice must convince Jariss she can be the wife he needs.

This book can be purchased from Amazon or downloaded for free. Click on the links below to get your copy.

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