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Monday, August 25, 2008

Russet & Gold release

I'm proud to announce that the second novel of my Sky Castles Trilogy Russet & Gold has been released by Whiskey Creek Press. The first novel of the trilogy, Blue & Silver is also available from


Caffey said...

Hi Sue! Congrats on the second release! I found out about your books on Sweeter Romantic Notions and checked them out and loved what I read so far. Castles, spirits, romance, love it! For sure they are on my wishlist! Its great to meet you!

Do you have a newsletter list? I'd love to be on it. Thanks.
tbranxiety @ yahoo . com

Sue Perkins said...

Hi Caffey
Sorry I didn't get the competition up sooner, but life interferes with wishes sometimes. Good luck and don't forget to download the free copy of "Misty Memories" from Whiskey Creek