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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Shani by Adelle Laudan

A Woman of Strength is one who influences and inspires others to face their own demons. 

I have launched my series with three previously published stories; Juliana - Rosa - Shani
Today we will look into Shani's story. It was rewarding to write a story from a woman of color's perspective. It is my hope her story inspires someone to rise to the challenge and conquer their own fears.

Blurb: Shani is a woman of color, adopted by loving parents. After her mother's untimely death, she learns a deep, dark secret that makes her question everything about her life and those who loved her. How often do we search for answers and find they are not necessarily what we want to hear? Is time a great healer, or are some things unforgivable? Here's a short excerpt.

Frigid rain pelted her face mercilessly. The last thing on her mind when she’d run from her mother’s house was the weather. Her body shivered uncontrollably, and she flexed her numb fingers in a futile attempt to coax the circulation back. She knew better than to ride in this kind of weather. One wrong move and she’d be sliding down the asphalt.
Like a beacon in the night, the sign for Belona Falls flashed at the side of the road.
Shani hadn't visited her dear friends in over two years. Not since her mother’s funeral. Carefully, she turned onto the exit ramp that led to one of the few places she knew the door would always be open to her. Maybe Mitch could answer her questions. She couldn't ask her mother, and her father left some time ago for an extended road trip for parts unknown.
Shani hunched over her gas tank. Finally, the familiar drive came into view. She geared down and struggled to manoeuvre her bike along the pothole-riddled lane. Darkness blanketed the house, and her heart sank.
Please don’t tell me they’re not home.
Shani parked in front of the house just as light flooded the porch. The curtain in the window moved aside to reveal her dear friend Mitch’s eyes, which lit up with recognition. She lifted her leg over her bike and lumbered up the steps.
“Shani? Is that you, girl?” Mitch stood in the open doorway. “Have you lost your mind? Get in here before you catch your death.”
Her teeth chattered, her body a mass of shivers as she stood in the growing puddle at her feet.
Wait right there. I’ll get some towels.” He shook his head and scurried across the room.
Not long after, she traded her wet clothes for comfy, oversized pyjamas. The fire crackled and popped, a welcome reprieve from the rain. Shani tucked her feet under her and pulled the fuzzy blanket up under her arms.
“Nice and sweet, just the way you like it.” Mitch handed her a mug of steaming tea and sat in the armchair next to her. “Now, tell me why you were out riding in a storm. You know better than that.”

Thank you Sue, for having me here on the 4th day of my Women of Strength Blog Tour.
Each month I will add a new story of another Woman of Strength. 
I hope you will enjoy this ongoing series.


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