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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Dragon Ice release

Dragon Ice, the third of my Dragon series is now available on Desert Breeze Publishing.

Neisha and her people are trapped in the frozen north by silver dragons. In her dreams she is contacted by Tane who vows to come and help her people escape. She tries to dissuade him and Neisha is scared he will become trapped with her people. Tane refuses to accept there is nothing he can do and he and his friend set out to find Neisha's home.


Dragon Ice - Dragon Series 3
One cold afternoon, Neisha lay outside the main entrance watching the dragons fly across the plateau. Her father could be right. They did appear to search for new accommodation. Every now and again one would fly lower and investigate an opening in the cliff face big enough for them to enter. She noticed none of the caves opened on ground level.
Her grandmother's diary recounted the ancestors' investigations of these caves for a way to the outside world. They found them roomy, but dead-ended, and too high for humans to use. The dragons might access these caves and use them as lairs, but they would directly face the entrance to the human underground community. No doubt the beasts would physically object to their presence, and restrict the humans' access to the surface.
The sky darkened to black with the stars the only source of light. Neisha thought of the warmer season arriving in a few months. The men would go topside to hunt for fresh meat among the variety of wild animals on the plateau. Last year, the dragons seldom ventured in from the pass, but now the beasts hunted the same animals. This meant big problems for the humans.
The cold began to penetrate her furs and Neisha stood to return inside. A screech behind her made her spin around. A huge silver dragon flew toward her, mouth open wide. Steamy breath exploded from its gaping maw and became ice arrows. Neisha threw herself to the ground and crawled around the corner to the entry door. Once safe behind the rocky wall, she peeked back to the outside, only allowing her head to show.
The dragon swooped by the opening, blocking the light for a moment, and with a deep beat of its wings soared into the sky again. Neisha vowed to watch more carefully next time she came up to the surface, and she made sure to shut the wooden door firmly behind her.

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