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Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Crafting a Novel

People often ask me how I get my ideas for books. I have to tell you there is no one way. For instance once I saw an unusual name on a boat and it brought to mind a fantasy story of moons linked together by the Moon Goddess. I enjoyed writing the book but immediately after it was released I found I'd misread the boat's name. The book was obviously meant to be written, hence my not reading the name properly.
Photos often play a part in my book ideas. Going through photos of my parents I suddenly thought - why not write their love story. I knew the basics of the story but had to fictionalise a lot of it. I also found if I called them by their real names I couldn't get the story to flow. Changing them to fictitious names made the work flow much faster.
Often a work in progress will stir the mind with ideas for a second, third or even fourth book, but there I have to be careful. I must finish the work in progress first and get it ready for release before I attempt the next volume. If I don't I end up with a lot of unfinished manuscripts.
Writers block can often still the writer's muse. The best way I find to get around this problem is to jump the hole in the story. Ignore it completely and go on to a part of the book where you know what happens. Often the filling for the part I've missed will pop into my mind before I go too far forward. Although I enjoy writing all my books, I also enjoy editing them. It's surprising how your brain fills in gaps with words you wouldn't normally dream of using. Plus there's the aspect of you mentioning something that hasn't actually happened. Quick backtrack to mention this in the appropriate part of the novel. 
If the novel is a first for you, remember the first attempt is only a draft. The hard work comes once you've finished the first draft. Now you have to put it all together and make sense of all those words. Good luck!

Thursday, June 30, 2022

Spirit Stealer - Ghosts in the Library


Spirit Stealer: Ghosts in the Library
In 1908, Fader, a street urchin, takes shelter in the newly opened library to escape the cold winter. Months pass and the book characters emerge as playful phantoms in the nighttime library – all except for the green Spirit Stealer. This evil phantom steals the spirits of children who are accidentally locked in the library at night. Fader has to dodge the Spirit Stealer or his spirit will be taken. 
A century later, Tyler is trapped by accident and tries to help a wraith called Amelia who still has half her spirit. Will they succeed in getting rid of the Spirit Stealer? If they do what will happen to the girl with half a spirit?

Available in ebook from Amazon and various other online outlets
Available in paperback from Copy Press, Nelson

Review by Alyahna (aged 10 years)

"I loved the book!"
I thought it was very believable. I liked how you never knew what would happen next ... spirit stealer with his ugly soul and menacing character. I was so not ready for it to finish. ... The book was AMAZING!

Fury's Island - A fantasy book suitable for teenagers


Fury's Island
On holiday in Nelson, New Zealand, Fury meets Eion
who offers to teach her to paddle board. Immediately attracted to
him, she accepts. After basic instruction, he takes her out
to Skull Island, a creepy looking rock some distance
from the beach. No one has ever discovered a way up to
the caves which look like eyes, but Fury finds a secret
entrance and convinces Eion they should investigate.
Their excitement rises as they discover tunnels and caves 
hidden beneath the ground, but neither is prepared for the
arrival of ghostly pirates bringing their treasure chests to
bury in one of the underground caves.

Review by Chrissie W
Just finished 'Fury's Island' and really enjoyed it, despite being (a lot!) older than the target readership. The plot is intriguing, Fury is a very likeable heroine, and the teen romance is nicely handled. It's always interesting to read a story set somewhere one knows well, and Sue Perkins does Nelson and environs proud. Recommended.

June 2022

Saturday, May 7, 2022

Down Under Fantasy Realms





Gathered here together are twenty fantastic stories by seven fabulous Antipodean authors – authors you may not be familiar with … yet; authors you will want to read again and again.

High fantasy and low, magical realism, retold fairy stories, and even a hint of science-fiction – it's all here.

Some stories in this collection are excerpts, others are background or spin-off stories about characters in pre-existing novels, yet others are tasters of works-in-progress; the remainder are stand-alone tales.

You will meet star-beings, enchanted amphibians, dimension-traversing private investigators, faerie changelings, mysterious teachers, mercenaries, and cowgirls.

Within these pages, children are born who have a special destiny, and old men relinquish their powers as their journeys come to a close; truths are found and lies are exposed; fears are faced and dreams become reality.

There are links to the authors' websites and social media pages, too, so that when you discover your next favourite writer, you'll know where to find them. 


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Kobo NZ also available in

Plus other online stores

Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Ditty Box on pre-order.

Earlier this year I decided to write a prequel to Blitz. The prequel, which is now the Blitz Series book 1 is called Ditty Box. What on earth is a Ditty Box? It's what sailors in the Royal Navy used to take with them on their journeys to keep their personal, letters, writing paper and pens, toothbrush and anything else that they wanted to keep near them. The story revolves around my grandparents, although it's a fiction book inspired by their story. Ditty Box takes place at the end of the 19th century and goes through the years to the First World War. The ebook can be pre-ordered from Amazon and many other online retailers, actual release is Sunday 10th April. For those of my friends who live in New Zealand the epub version if you wish to buy a copy it can be bought from and paid for in NZ dollars.
This is the Amazon UK link as the story is set in England.