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Thursday, June 30, 2022

Fury's Island - A fantasy book suitable for teenagers


Fury's Island
On holiday in Nelson, New Zealand, Fury meets Eion
who offers to teach her to paddle board. Immediately attracted to
him, she accepts. After basic instruction, he takes her out
to Skull Island, a creepy looking rock some distance
from the beach. No one has ever discovered a way up to
the caves which look like eyes, but Fury finds a secret
entrance and convinces Eion they should investigate.
Their excitement rises as they discover tunnels and caves 
hidden beneath the ground, but neither is prepared for the
arrival of ghostly pirates bringing their treasure chests to
bury in one of the underground caves.

Review by Chrissie W
Just finished 'Fury's Island' and really enjoyed it, despite being (a lot!) older than the target readership. The plot is intriguing, Fury is a very likeable heroine, and the teen romance is nicely handled. It's always interesting to read a story set somewhere one knows well, and Sue Perkins does Nelson and environs proud. Recommended.

June 2022

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