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Saturday, May 7, 2022

Down Under Fantasy Realms





Gathered here together are twenty fantastic stories by seven fabulous Antipodean authors – authors you may not be familiar with … yet; authors you will want to read again and again.

High fantasy and low, magical realism, retold fairy stories, and even a hint of science-fiction – it's all here.

Some stories in this collection are excerpts, others are background or spin-off stories about characters in pre-existing novels, yet others are tasters of works-in-progress; the remainder are stand-alone tales.

You will meet star-beings, enchanted amphibians, dimension-traversing private investigators, faerie changelings, mysterious teachers, mercenaries, and cowgirls.

Within these pages, children are born who have a special destiny, and old men relinquish their powers as their journeys come to a close; truths are found and lies are exposed; fears are faced and dreams become reality.

There are links to the authors' websites and social media pages, too, so that when you discover your next favourite writer, you'll know where to find them. 


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